Qualified Dental Implant Patients on Autopilot.

We help dentists get a steady supply of qualified patients, without the headache.

More patient bookings using effective social media ads

We leverage the power of Facebook ads to generate highly qualified leads.

We only work with dentists

We are a specialist dental patient acquisition company. We use social media ads to locate and attract motivated, qualified patients.

Highly qualified patients

Our leads are cheaper to buy, quicker to close and more reliable to close. We contact the leads on your behalf to nuture and qualify them before booking them into your calendar, all done-for-you.


How It Works

Gather content

First we collect images showing your work and offer. There form the basis of out marketing strategy.

Generate Leads

Last, we collect information from the patients who are the best fit for your offer.

Launch Ads

We launch expertly crafted ads on social media platforms to capture attention. We optimise campaigns to maximise performance.

Done-for-you Follow Up

We call each lead quickly to empathise, educate, and reassure. This personalised touch increases booking rates and ensures you get qualified patients.

Kinesin Digital

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